Marine Detailing – Ceramic Pro


EXTERIOR- Exterior Wash, Clay Bar, Power polishing, Chrome polishing

CERAMIC PRO COATINGS – Wheels cleaned/ Tires Dressed

INTERIOR- Interior Vacuum, Wipe Interior Windows, Steam Clean Carpet & Upholstery, Leather cleaned, Deep Clean Plastic, Rubber & Vinyl, Interior CERAMIC PRO Coatings

Select the length of boat in feet – additional charges will apply for wider and deeper boats and boats with heavy scaling/dirtiness

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We want you looking your best out on the water, so let our professionals take care of your watercrafts. We are CERAMIC PRO certified specialists and we take pride in our work. Our services include: Ceramic coatings, Power polishing, Carpet Shampoo, Upholstery cleaning and conditioning, chrome polishing, oxidation removal, water spot removal and complete Interior protection with the highest quality products.

Benefits of Ceramic Pro Bravo include protection from salty water & air, acids & alkali, UV-exposure, oxidation, and corrosion. It also has self cleaning properties, it is super hydrophobic, 9H hardness for anti-scratch properties, and intense high gloss for sleek and mirror-like finish make watercraft look like new.

Can be applied on Gelcoat, Varnish, Painted elements, Metal, Plastic, Vinyl

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